Feb 24, 2010

why2 love(taiwan movie)


Tong Jia Di (Rainie Yang) is a college student whose family has struggled to pay back their debts ever since her father died. Her best friend Xiao Nan (Chen Yen-xi) wants Jia Di to fall in love and she tries to set Jia Di up. Xiao Nan carried out her first plan at a carnival by selling exchange coupons that she wrote on. There, Jia Di meets the two sons of the owner of the company, Huo Yan (Kingone Wang) and Huo Da (Mike He), who buy exchange coupons from Jia Di.

Then, on her 20th birthday, Xiao Nan wishes that Jia Di will ask the tenth guy who passes by for his phone number. Huo Da and Huo Yan had a bet and are in an accident on motor bikes they ended up with broken arms (Huo Yan) or broken legs (Huo Da) This resulted in the trio meeting again. During this meeting, Jia Di asks for Huo Yan's phone number which he obliged, however his phone number was accidentally mentioned in their class that it was used online for a bad site which made Huo Yan mistrust Jia Di but they were able to patch things up.

Huo Da's dislike for Jia Di soon changes after Jia Di fulfills her roles in accordance to the "angel-owner" service coupon that Huo Da bought. Huo Da soon found out that he had fallen in love with Jia Di. Eventually, Huo Yan and Huo Da both fall in love with Jia Di, and try to win her over in their own ways. The drama details the struggle between the half-brothers over Jia Di.

Later on, Huo Da is diagnosed with Wilson's Disease and is dying. He chose not to reveal his illness to anyone except Yan Shu , Jia Di eventually found out what happened. She encourages Huo Da to live on for love.

Meanwhile, Huo Yan tries to find ways to cure his younger brother's sickness. He soon finds out that his brother will need a liver donation and the former is the only suitable donor. Huo Yan agrees to undergo the transplant despite his heart problems. Viewers are led to believe that the operation ended badly for Huo Da.

Tong Jia Di (Rainie Yang)
She is a hardworking girl who comes from a poor family. She is the elder daughter in a family consisting of her mother Liao Cai Juan and younger brother Tong Jia Hui. Her father died when she was still a little girl. Together with her mom, they make a living by selling vegetables on the streets. She will do anything for money in order to help settle the family debts. She also has an uncle who makes unwise investments, leading to the accumulation of debts, burdening the family even further. Jia Di is so dedicated to her family and work, she refuses to fall in love and have high hopes that way she feels no disappointment. Jia Di is best friends with Jiang Xiao Nan. They work as part time workers at the Huo's Family Emporium. In addition, Jia Di has many part-time jobs such as working at the petrol station.

Huo Da (Mike He)
A rebel and the second heir to the Huo Co. Huo Da is also nicknamed "Devil Boy" due to his reputation of pranks and rude attitude. Huo Da loves Yan Shu but she loves Huo Yan, Huo Da's elder brother. Jia Di fulfills her roles in accordance to the "angel-owner" service coupon, He enjoys bullying and making fun of Jia Di but because of her pure and kind heart, he slowly fell in love with her. He was able to win Jia Di's heart but unfortunately he soon discovers that he has Wilson's Disease. He is reluctant to tell Jia Di since he doesn't want her to be lonely when he dies.

Huo Yan (Kingone Wang)
He is the General Manager of their company and the elder brother of Huo Da . He is the exact opposite of Huo Da . Everything about Huo Yan is impressive. Huo Yan is also nicknamed "10th Guy". At the beginning, Huo Yan and Jia Di were interested in each other and often talked and helped each other. But when Huo Yan realizes that Jia Di has feelings for Huo Da he agrees to let her be with Huo Da after he lost to a motorcycle race for Jia Di's love. Huo Yan has a bad childhood memory, his mother sold him to the Huo family because she was unable to cure Huo Yan's heart weakness. But after his mother selling Huo Yan to the Huo family, for years Huo Yan hated his mother, but when it came to his mother's death they patch things up.

this movie so best2...


  1. Alahai... Baca sinopsis tu macam drama sedih je... huhuhu..

  2. i remember spending my time trying to google this drama and watch it whenever im free. did watch this a few times cuz i love the cast in it. i do love this drama now too. ok rasa nak tgk lg